Q and A: Fluoride

//Q and A: Fluoride

Q and A: Fluoride

Question: Meghan, I am considering adding my vote to your list of voters. I like the idea of having someone with a scientific mind on the council. However in another discussion I hear that you agree with the fluoride being added to the water. I feel the opposite. Can you explain your position to me on that? Thanks!



My personal view is that I support the principles of water fluoridation as a public health action.  This action is taken to provide sufficient fluoride intake in areas where this is lacking, so as to minimize tooth decay. Following the removal of their fluoridation program, Calgary has seen a significant rise in the rate of tooth decay  in children (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/cdoe.12215).

Beyond that, there is an ever growing body of scientific literature linking poor dental health in life with a number of other significant health outcomes including cardiovascular disease and mental health issues.

I have looked into this issue during several periods of my life including as a teenager, as a science Ph.D. candidate and most recently as a pregnant woman and new mother. I have analyzed several dozen studies, consulting the leading health agencies (WHO, Health Canada, NIH in USA, and various dental associations), and have read the report of our own LAWSS detailing the levels of fluoride (and other elements) which reveal that the levels in our supply are well within acceptable concentrations.

Based on my own research and the confidence I have in experts that are most knowledgeable in this field, I would more than likely vote in support of this program.

From my understanding, there are residents that support the policy but are not confident in the method of delivery. That would be a topic that should be open to discussion among residents, along with some expertise provided by LAWSS and our own public health officials.

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