Citizen, Not Politician

Who is Meghan Reale?

I am a wife, a new mother to a beautiful baby girl named Evelyn, a college science professor and a proud citizen of Sarnia. After completing my degree in Biochemistry and earning my PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology, my husband Ron and I decided to create our home and raise our family in Sarnia.

My husband Ron and I have deep-rooted values in playing positive roles in strengthening our city, community, and neighbourhood. As a new city councillor, my goal will be to ensure that those values benefit our entire community, working towards building a better future for our grandchildren, and our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

I believe that these values should be exhibited by City Council and City Hall. The decisions debated and finalized by City Council matter to our City’s quality of life and to our city’s future.

The strained atmosphere currently overwhelming City Hall is disconcerting to our citizens. I believe our City deserves representatives that work respectfully and with civility to most effectively serve our population.

I will not always agree with everyone on all civic matters. However, I can respect those with differing opinions and viewpoints. I strongly believe that by listening and understanding all viewpoints and opposing arguments, we are best equipped to make the best decisions for Sarnia.

Please remember this as you go to the polls – Meghan Reale is running for council to contribute a fresh voice and a new perspective to our municipal debate.

This October, I’m asking you to cast your vote for Meghan Reale. This is your best way to demonstrate to Sarnia that the values described in my platform are the same that you share too.

Science, Health Care and the Biotech Industry in Sarnia

Meghan Reale’s Credentials

My current job is one I am honoured to perform. I teach our future physicians and health care frontline workers.

My Ph.D. focused on neurosciences through the University of Western Ontario and as a visiting scholar at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). My studies were awarded a top national doctorate by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

My decision to pursue my Ph.D. was largely based on my passion for science and for understanding mental health issues. Sarnia is one of many communities that are facing shortfalls in access to mental health supports and overall public awareness on how to best address our neighbours in need.

Electing Meghan Reale to Council will demonstrate your decision to begin bridging the gap between City Hall and our local mental health resources, increasing public awareness for these resources and working towards finding common sense solutions to effectively combat local addiction issues.

Elect a Scientist for a City that Wants to Attract Science Companies

Sarnia-Lambton is Canada’s leader in the chemical industry, providing highly valued jobs to our dynamic and diverse labour force. Over the past decade, Sarnia-Lambton has become well positioned to become the leader in industrial bio-product manufacturing.

Supporting local initiatives and groups like the Western Research Park, Canada’s largest-tech incubator, greatly benefits Sarnia. Sarnia is poised to attract modern clean, green and sustainable biotechnology companies that bring commercial investment and high value employment opportunities.

My goal as your councillor is to ensure that happens

Back to Basics Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal accountability, responsible spending and efficient budget maintenance are very central concerns. Let’s face it – no one likes paying taxes. I want to protect our citizens’ hard earned income – to ensure that taxpayer money is utilized effectively and efficiently in order to keep tax rates low.

Priorities for Sarnia City Councillor Meghan Reale

  • Accountability and Transparency

  • Balanced Budgets without Inflating Tax Rates

  • Well-defined Action Plans for City-financed Projects

A Common Sense Approach to Growth

Sarnia is a great city with access to one of the most beautiful waterfronts in Ontario, enviable parks, a growing downtown culture and vibrant community resources. While our citizens enjoy a good quality of life, I do believe there are ways to improve the growth of our community.

Despite the highly regarded programs at Lambton College, our city is experiencing a declining population and school closures. I want to address the reason why intelligent, young and diverse working class citizens are choosing to take their talents elsewhere. This question is more complex than simply access to high quality employment.

A better way to frame the question may be to ask why these individuals are choosing to raise their families in cities other than Sarnia. I believe that a comprehensive and concerted approach focusing and emphasizing our community resources can retain our current young population while attracting future Sarnians to our shores.

Working With You, For You

The matters decided by City Council directly affect our City’s future. More importantly, they affect you – our citizens, our taxpayers, our business owners, our future communities.

Your concerns should be City Council’s concerns. Your voice should be not only welcomed, but invited to be part of the discourse and decision making process. I’ve heard so many of my fellow citizens say they have felt their local concerns have been disregarded or blocked from recent actions taken by City Council.

Citizens should not be made to feel like they are being cut out of the conversations that will impact their families, their homes, their jobs, their businesses, and their futures.

I think it is essential to encourage and facilitate productive conversations leading to meaningful progress. I want to work to connect people, organizations, businesses, community groups to each other so they can share their strengths and their knowledge. I want to be a part of building community relationships, affect and influence many opportunities to strengthen the community as a whole.

If you agree, Elect Meghan Reale to City Council

Meghan Reale

We Rise Higher When We Rise Together

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