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A Fresh Voice

“I am running to contribute a fresh voice and a new perspective. The decisions debated and adopted by City Council matter to our City’s quality of life and its future.”

  • Back to Basics Approach to Fiscal Responsibilities

  • Common Sense Approach to Economic Growth

  • Working With You, For You

  • A Citizen, Not a Politician

I want to hear what the key issues are that you want addressed by our next City Council.

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Sarnia and District Labour Council Endorse Meghan Reale

By |September 19th, 2018|Categories: Endorsement|

Sarnia and District Labour Council has endorse Meghan Reale You can read more from the Sarnia Observer here. You can read more from Blackburn News here. Here were my questions with answers to Labour Council. ---------------- Thank you for inviting me to address questions regarding the upcoming election. I look forward to working alongside and supporting Sarnia’s labour force as a city councillor. ~ Meghan Reale   At the Sarnia and District Labour Council, we believe our city requires a forward looking City Council, focused on building Sarnia, not focused on the past. How will you ensure Sarnia isn’t held back by the past? While I believe the general quality of life in Sarnia is good, I believe there are more ways to improve our economic and social aspects of our community. It will require a like-minded group of councilors, myself included, that will focus on moving forward from outdated plans or ‘legacy’ projects entrenched in past budgets. It will require opening communication channels between city hall, city services, labour groups and Sarnia citizens. Introducing ‘town hall’ type interactions [...]

Sarnia Journal: Candidate Profile

By |September 19th, 2018|Categories: Articles|

Meghan Reale I’m a wife, mother to a beautiful daughter (Evelyn), and a proud resident of downtown Sarnia. Currently, I am a college science professor (Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology) teaching future frontline health care providers. With a growing family and roots in Sarnia, I have a vested interest in fostering a socially diverse and inclusive environment for citizens (and soon to be citizens) of all ages. As a board member of the Sarnia Historical Society, I have a deep appreciation for our city’s past. But as a councillor, I will work to advance the economic, social and environmental interests of our citizens. My motivations for running are multifaceted and all based on the concepts of back-to-basics fiscal accountability and a common sense approach to growth and continuing to build on the many people, places and local businesses that make Sarnia a great city. Through a comprehensive and concerted approach focusing and emphasizing our community resources, I believe we can retain our current young population while attracting future Sarnians. My background will provide a unique prescription and [...]

Jason McMichael Endorsement

By |September 19th, 2018|Categories: Endorsement|

Jason McMichael endorses Meghan Reale for Sarnia City Council. Question: Our community was built around organized Labour. With almost 17000 unionized workers in Lambton County currently, how important do you feel the Labour Movement is to our community? Answer: In my previous role as a Canada Border Services Agent as well as in my current position as a college professor, I was (and am) fortunate to be represented by strong union leadership and representation. One of Sarnia’s great strengths is its dynamic and highly skilled labour force. Not only is it the basis for much of our city’s economic success, it is an attractive asset to be promoted as we work to attract new businesses and developers. Moreover, having a strong labour community giving voice to the interests of our skilled trades can be a basis to draw new tradesmen to live and work in Sarnia.

Citizen, Not Politician

I am a wife, new mother to a beautiful baby girl named Evelyn, a college science professor and a proud citizen of Sarnia. After completing my degree in Biochemistry and earning my PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology, my husband Ron and I decided to create our home and raise our family in Sarnia.

Back to Basics Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal accountability, responsible spending and efficient budget maintenance are very central concerns. Let’s face it, no one likes paying taxes. I want to protect our citizens hard earned income and use taxpayer money effectively and efficiently in order to keep tax rates low.

Common Sense Approach to Growth

Sarnia is a great city with access to one of the most beautiful waterfronts in Ontario, great parks, a growing downtown culture and great community resources. While our citizens enjoy a good quality of life, I do believe there are ways to improve the growth of our community.

Working With You, For You

The matters decided by City Council directly affect our City’s future. More importantly, they affect you. Our citizens, our taxpayers, our business owners, our future communities. Your concerns should be City Council’s concerns. Your voice should not only be welcomed, but invited to be part of the discourse and decision making process.